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Finally, Diabetes Management Simplified

When was the last time you got excited about your blood glucose level? With the Dario Membership Plan, we know what the answer would be! Our membership plan has everything you need to simplify diabetes management and empower you to improve your health!

Unlimited Strips*

Test your blood glucos levels as often as you like without added cost or hassle. Get as many strips as you need, delivered straight to your door. Never run out of strips and never stand in long lines at the pharmacy again!

Weekly progress reports

Crystal-clear reports that makes it easy for you to understand how different foods and activities affect your blood glucose levels. These reports empowers you to adapt a healthier lifestyle and reach your goals.

Intuitive Smart App

The Dario app is simple and intuitive so you’ll be up and running immediately. It’s easy to track and record your glucose measurements, food, carbs, exercise and medications. Dario stores all this information in the app and it's accessible to you whenever you need it - no more notebook and pen!

Emergency Alert with GPS

Dario’s built-in emergency hypo alert is triggered when your glucose levels drop to dangerous levels. Dario instantly alerts up to four designated contacts and gives them your real-time GPS location so you can get help FAST.

Carb Counting Tool

Carb counting can be the bane of the diabetic’s life! If your diabetes care professional has set a maximum carb limit for you, you know how tedious tracking and sticking to your carb target can be. Our food database of nearly 500,000 food items lets us accurately calculate the amount of carbs you are consuming so all you need to do is eat and record - SIMPLE!

Life-changing Information

With our membership plan, you get access to our specialized program which cover important topics such as lifestyle change, healthy eating and advanced tracking. These programs offer you insider information that helps you achieve your health goals.
Living with diabetes can be overwhelming at times, however we believe that with the proper means, diabetes can be easily managed . Our Membership Plan provides the tools and insights you need to ease your diabetes management, and support you in achieving your health goals.

What you get with Dario’s Membership plan:


  • Unlimited Strips* to Measure your success
  • Smart App to Monitor your progress


  • Weekly progress reports to help you succeed
  • Personalized Diabetes Programs – including lifestyle changes, healthy eating and advanced tracking
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